Apple Joins the AI Race with iPhone Software Updates and OpenAI Partnership

Apple has entered the AI arena with significant updates to its iPhone software and a collaboration with OpenAI to incorporate ChatGPT into millions of smartphones. iPhone users will soon be able to utilize AI-powered technology for tasks such as replying to emails, drafting blog posts and presentations, creating synthetic artwork, and designing personalized emojis.

A major upgrade has also been announced for Apple's Siri digital assistant, first introduced in 2011, which will now handle more complex queries using OpenAI’s technology. These new features, collectively branded as “Apple Intelligence,” are Apple’s response to the AI advancements by competitors like Google and Microsoft.

Release Date for iOS 18 Apple’s iOS 18, the update enabling these new features, is expected to be released in September. Macbooks and iPads will also gain access to these features at that time.

Overview of Apple Intelligence Apple Intelligence represents Apple's take on the emerging AI tools, emphasizing added privacy features. Like its competitors, Apple’s new AI tools rely on Large Language Models trained on extensive datasets to generate human-like text or speech. These tools will enhance replies to emails, take notes, summarize meetings, and transcribe audio, integrated into various programs across phones and laptops, and embedded in Siri.

Apple emphasizes that its AI tools are processed either on the device itself or on Apple’s servers, ensuring greater security by not relying on third-party data centers. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, stated that this approach combines generative AI with personal context for more helpful intelligence while maintaining privacy.

Access to ChatGPT will also be available for free on iPhones without needing to create an account.

AI-Powered Writing Tools A central feature of Apple’s latest AI tools is writing enhancement. The AI technology will proof-read and edit text across Mail, Notes, Pages, and Safari. In Mail, AI can redraft email replies, insert summaries, change the tone of messages, and offer Smart Replies for quick responses. These writing tools will also provide suggestions for blog posts in Safari or meeting minutes in Notes.

Additionally, new tools will transcribe and record calls from the Phone app, generating instant summaries.

Enhanced Siri and ChatGPT Integration Siri, introduced in 2011, will now perform more sophisticated tasks, interacting with more apps and handling requests that involve multiple applications. For instance, Siri can play a song recommended in Messages or send photos from specific events. It will also guide users through iOS, automatically adjusting settings or retrieving information from files.

A new partnership with ChatGPT aims to make Siri even smarter. Siri will use ChatGPT’s expertise for more complex inquiries, with user consent required before sending any data to ChatGPT. Privacy measures are in place to protect user information.

AI Artwork and Emojis Apple has introduced tools for creating AI-generated images and artwork, similar to DALL-E or Stable Diffusion. The new Image Playground app can create pictures in styles like Animation, Illustration, and Sketch based on text descriptions or templates. This tool will be integrated into apps like Messages and Notes, allowing users to send customized stickers or enhance drawings with the Apple Pencil.

Users can also create custom emojis, called Genmojis, using text prompts.

Additional Features in iOS 18 Apart from AI advancements, iOS 18 will include new features such as satellite text messaging, which allows sending texts via satellites in areas without terrestrial signals. Other additions include hidden folders and locked apps requiring FaceID, and a new Passwords app for secure password storage.

Device Compatibility for Apple Intelligence Many new AI features will be processed on users’ devices rather than through internet connections or external servers. As a result, some features will be exclusive to Apple’s latest and most powerful devices, like the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the newest iPad and Macbook models.

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