Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Welcome to Mobi-Hub International Ltd. Users from any part of the world that register with us, will have their information shared internally with those associated with Mobi-Hub International Ltd. Your information will not be given to any third parties, unless consented by you.

What personal information does Mobi-Hub International Ltd collect?

Your name, address, telephone number and email. When purchasing through Mobi-Hub you will need to provide your paying details to complete transactions.
If you contact us for support, assistance or feedback then these correspondence will be saved for internal training and development purposes.
We may collect information on your visits to pages, how often you log in or use the different features available. This will allow us to provide a more seamless service for you.
When undertaking marketing campaigns we may collect information that reflects your responses. This will allow us to tailor the service we offer to you and the experience you gain from using it.
We use Google Analytics to collect visitors numbers and visited pages. We don’t collect any information which can identify users names, address, email address or anything else except their visits, pages visits and country location.
Why might we use your personal information?

This is to ensure we offer a service that continuously develops and improves for our users. We undertake marketing research and collect feedback; whether directly provided by you or through how you use our service.
The only information that we will provide to third parties will be with your consent. The third parties consist of the delivering companies available on the website.
With your consent we may also contact you through the data you have provided us when joining. This will be to help us improve our service as well as keep you updated on any changes to our services that may affect you.
We may also use your information for investigation purposes, this may be done internally by us at Mobi-Hub International Ltd or externally through legal parties. If such an event transpires you will be made aware of the matter and kept up to date.

What does the law say about this?

We are required by law to hold and use your information following set legislations. When you give your consent we will use your information to offer you the service we have identified in any agreement documentation. We will ensure any information provided by you is used to your best interest and none that will cause any breach or damage to you.

Do you need to provide all the personal information we have asked for?

There is no obligation to provide any of your personal information. However, it will be difficult for us to provide you a service without this and a service that is tailored to your needs.

How long is your personal information stored?

We will keep your information for as long as you are using our services. Thereafter, we will keep it in our system for 2 years.
We will send an email to registered customers at certain intervals each year to check the information retained.

What third parties will have access to my personal information?

We at Mobi-Hub International Ltd will keep your personal information within our internal system. We will not share your details with any third parties unless instructed by you or through legal legislation. Any personal information that may be passed on to third parties will be done with your consent through the use of Mobi-Hub International Ltd.

What are your rights?

The right to access and acquire a copy of your personal information
You have the right to request and receive a copy of any personal information we have processed in our system.

The right to alter or correct your personal information
If you require for your information to be changed to reflect an update or correction, then this can be done by contacting our customer service team or by accessing your account profile and editing the necessary sections of data.

The right to have your personal data deleted and removed from our system
You have the right to request for any or all of your personal information to be deleted from our system. However, we will evaluate each request subject to any obligations or legal rights regarding this data. Please note, once your information has been deleted and removed from our system we might not be able to provide you with a service. If you wish to rejoin the company you will need to re-register and re-enter your personal information.

How to contact us?
If you wish to discuss or require more information regarding the statement you have read then please contact us through one of the following methods:

Write to
Unit 1 Freehold Centre
Amberley Way

Email us at

How are you notified of any changes?

Any changes that are made to this statement will be posted on our site and users will be notified of such changes before they come into effect.

Privacy Policy

At Mobi-Hub we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.
Please read the following information in order to understand our views, practices and policies regarding your personal data and how we use it.
For Data Protection Act 1998, the data controller is Mobi-Hub International Limited of 1 Amberley Way, Hounslow, TW6 4BX.

Information we will collect:
All or some of the following data will be collected from you:
Information you have provided to us. This is information you provided during registering to use the site, any services the site offers that you have subscribed to or any services such as customer services.
We may ask for further information from you when you report a problem with our site, product or service.
Any correspondence may be kept for training purposes and/or to provide a better service
Details of transactions from payments to shipment to delivery.
Details of your visits such as traffic and/or location data

IP Address:
An IP (Internet Protocol) Address is unique to each user, this allows your activity to be monitored. We at Mobi-Hub may collect this information when you visit our site to ensure you are provided with the relevant search options, offers and advertisements. We may also use this to detect any fraud or potential fraudulent activities.

Cookies is data that is collected from internet server and sent to browser. This allows information to be saved, ensuring when you visit the site again your searches and preferences are saved. This personalised feature delivers a better and more convenient service.

The information Mobi-Hub may gather by the cookies are:
Advertisements and promotions tailored to your searches. Mobi-Hub will place specific advertisements and/or promotions for anything you have searched on the site, such as: a type of mobile, its colour, its memory. You will be able to view this on the site and click to anything that is of interest to you.
Advertising products that are selling well or are currently on promotion.
Navigational information allowing us to understand your movements on the site to ensure we offer relevant products.
To understand the popularity of our site we may measure how frequently you visit the site, the type of products you search, the pages you visit and the services you use.

Types of Cookies:
There are several types of cookies websites use to measure consumer data:
Essential Cookies
These cookies are used in order to allow you to use the site and go from page to page. These type of cookies allow you to use features that remember basic information such as the progression of your searches, the number of items you have in your basket and if you have removed any items.
Performance Cookies
These cookies allows Mobi-Hub to measure the traffic the site receives and the clicks a page generates. This type of information allows Mobi-Hub to improve the site, products or services for their consumer. Such as: if a particular phone of a certain memory capacity in a specific colour is ordered or clicked on more often than any other item on the website, we will be able to understand that this is a popular item and more stock will be needed due to level of traffic it has generated.
Functionality Cookies
These cookies remember the choices you have made through the site. It will remember such things as login details, any items left in your basket, what pages you clicked on and what products you spent time viewing. This type of information will only be gathered whilst you are on the site, it will not track your browsing activities once you leave the site.
By using this site you have agreed to our use of cookies as explained above. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, simply reject cookies on your browser settings. Please note: if you reject all cookies it will prevent you from accessing the full site and its features.

Where we store your personal data:
All information you have provided to Mobi-Hub is stored on secure servers. Any payment transaction made through Mobi-Hub is encrypted with SSL technology.
Any passwords you use to access particular areas of the site you will be responsible for. Please store your passwords safely and do not give it to anyone.

How we use your information:
The way in which we use the information we have gathered from you whilst using Mobi-Hub is:
To provide services or goods you have required or ordered
To detect and prevent any crimes such as fraud occurring
To check and verify your identify
To update our records on you
Mobi-Hub may also use this information to improve and develop our services, products and features.
You also have the right to consent to any forms of contacting from Mobi-Hub; post, email, phone and services or promotions we have available. If you wish your information to not be used in this manner then please contact us by calling 0203 918 0941, email us on or write to us at Unit 1 Freehold Centre, Amberley Way, London, TW4 6BX, United Kingdom.

Disclosure of your information:
Your personal information may be passed to other members within the Mobi-Hub International Limited group.
Your information may also be disclosed to third parties in the event we are duty bound by law to share this information.

Access to information:
The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to request access to any information we hold on you. This request will be subject to an upfront fee.

Changes to our Privacy Policy:
Any changes that are made to our privacy policy will be posted on site and users will be notified of such changes before they come into effect.