About Us


The birth of Mobi-Hub was an unprecedented occurrence of market fate. Being a group of young, driven and conscientious individuals, we are always motivated in keeping retailers, distributors and wholesalers satisfied. Having worked in B2B, we are familiar with understanding the needs of different businesses and the people behind them. The suppliers and direct distributors have their own needs, style of cooperation and expectations. Knowing this, the concept of Mobi-Hub was created. We looked at acknowledging the issues and providing a better, swifter and more convenient way of stock trading, clearance and distribution.

The current trading platforms, social media groups and pages all work, but have issues. They are slow and a simple verbal interaction with new clients can stretch for days. The existing methods and platforms, whether it be a forum, website or a social media page, provide very little other than the chance to network.

Mobi-Hub, aims at tackling two core issues in the industry; convenience and security. Mobi-Hub provides convenience by providing social business interactions on an app. From years of experience our team understands that security is vital in any business interaction. Businesses always need security and peace of mind, as well as an honest dependable way of dealing. Our team go through thorough background checks whilst investigating and verifying references before taking members on board.

The app has formed, evolved and grown into what it is today.

We at Mobi-Hub, hope you enjoy trading and agreeing on deals as much as we did making it for you and your business!