The Qi2 Wireless Charging

Introduction: The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has recently introduced the Qi2 wireless charging standard, aiming to revolutionize the charging experience for devices, particularly smartphones. This new standard promises faster charging capabilities and increased compatibility, setting a new benchmark for the wireless charging industry. Qi2 Specifications: Qi2 elevates the wireless charging landscape by doubling the power capacity from 7.5 watts to an impressive 15 watts. While this may seem modest compared to some proprietary technologies, like OnePlus' 50W chargers, Qi2 distinguishes itself by providing a standardized certification accessible to various device manufacturers. Compatibility and Certification: Unlike proprietary technologies limited to specific devices, Qi2 is designed to be adopted universally, offering a standardized certification for wireless charging. With the upgrade to 15 watts, devices using the previous Qi1 standard will now charge at the same power level as Apple's MagSafe charging. Qi2 chargers will also support the Magnetic Power Profile, aligning with MagSafe technology, and boast improved Extended Power Profile wireless charging, ensuring compliance with the new standard. Interoperability and Future Prospects: A key advantage of the Qi2 standard lies in its promise of delivering 15W charging consistently across Qi2-certified chargers, irrespective of the manufacturer or device. The recently launched iPhone 15 series is already Qi2-compatible, marking a significant step towards universal adoption. However, not all new phones, such as the Google Pixel 8 Pro, currently support Qi2, but the Wireless Power Consortium anticipates a surge in Qi2 products from leading brands like Belkin, Mophie, Anker, and Aircharge before the holiday season. More than 100 devices are currently undergoing testing and certification for Qi2 compatibility.   Standardization for Faster Charging: While wireless charging has often lagged behind wired counterparts in speed, the move to 15 watts through Qi2 paves the way for faster wireless charging. The Wireless Power Consortium aims to standardize 15W charging by mid-2024, potentially making rapid wireless charging commonplace across various smartphones, not just exclusive to flagship models. Conclusion: The Qi2 wireless charging standard, introduced by the Wireless Power Consortium, signifies a significant leap forward in the wireless charging landscape. With its universal compatibility, standardized certification, and commitment to faster charging, Qi2 is poised to shape the future of wireless power delivery. As the industry anticipates the release of Qi2-compatible products from renowned brands, consumers can look forward to a new era of efficient, interoperable, and high-speed wireless charging for their devices.

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